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The primary goal of this project is to create a series of eye-catching and compelling recruitment posters that effectively communicate Bose's unique culture, values, and career opportunities. The posters/banners should attract top talent in various fields, from engineering to marketing, and promote Bose as an employer of choice.


Campaign for Bose Europe. This is a visual design for the recruiting casting program 2018. This project communicates integration with confidence and a distinct and unique tone-of-voice.

Talking about the Casting project, the idea is to differentiate this casting from others by emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, and a welcoming tone. This was brought to life by the “Design is for Everyone” campaign, with original signage, blueprint and advertising.

All the photography was selected by Bose. The approach is fresh, active, dynamic, interactive.


People share all aspects of their lives with video content. Sometimes, it seems that people no longer find inanimate texts and photographs attractive. In this day and age, a video teaser is emerging as an essential form of communication. It means using videos to promote and sell ideas and services.


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