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Online design following the style and concept of Opel. 
The design needs to make sure it is possible to see all the key information still the screen has to be clear and usable. Forms, scales, and original icons can make the screen look smooth and clean on a mobile app.

To learn about user preferences, while also offering its users insight from the community is one of the main targets. An approach focused on aggregate data collection as opposed to user-specific. As well as a feature they could implement immediately within the feed without affecting the wider experience.


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Design of templates based on Opel brand guide for different surveys. 

The main goal is to create a clear and simple survey for all kind of clients with an immediate shorter term improvements, specifically onboarding, personalization, and saves.

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email banners

For the campaign of Summerproof you can win four different products.

social media

Design of templates for social media like banners and post for the social media feed.

extra design for Opel

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