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I have the opportunity to do all the social media design, UI design for the website, e-commerce campaigns and their brand identity.

My goal is to create a solid visual design that gives clarity and an easy interaction for the client and transform the creative concepts into functional designs and brand values into compelling visual styles.


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Animated banners can add several valuable elements to a brand's overall marketing strategy and online presence. 


They have the ability to capture viewers' attention more effectively than static banners. Also can reinforce brand recognition and awareness. The dynamic nature of the animation can leave a lasting impression on viewers, making the brand more memorable. They improve engagement and storytelling opportunities.

Bookchoice's identity relies heavily on the use of the colour. The palette consists of a complementary range of colours that work well in almost any combination. It is an explosion of lively hues, inviting you into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Brand identity

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