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Resume / CV


Introducing my CV 


UX/UI design for Ikea website

APRIL 2023/ JULY 2023

UX/UI for the Website

Figma - Miro - Jira

As a UX/UI designer on the sustainable team, my primary focus is to be on creating digital experiences that are not only user-friendly and visually appealing but also environmentally responsible. I do research and analyse user needs, behaviours, and preferences to develop sustainable design solutions that balance user needs with environmental considerations.


My responsibilities are:

  • Conducting user research: I have to understand the needs, behaviours, and preferences of users who care about sustainability. This could involve conducting surveys, user interviews, and usability tests to gather feedback and insights from users.

  • Creating wireframes and prototypes: Using the research findings, I develop low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes to test and refine my design concepts. These designs are intuitive, engaging, and environmentally responsible.

  • Collaborating with stakeholders: I work with cross-functional teams, including product managers, engineers, and sustainability experts, to ensure that my designs align with the company's overall sustainability goals and objectives.

  • Incorporating sustainable design principles: I need to apply sustainable design principles, such as reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, and using eco-friendly materials, to my design solutions.

  • Staying up-to-date with sustainability trends: I need to stay informed about emerging trends and technologies in sustainable design to ensure that the work remains current and relevant.


UX/UI design for Sharepoint and CMR

The role for this position is for Adidas Digital Studio. My goal is to connect all platforms and have a perfect understanding on how the design can improve the user journeys & the user experience. We can find different ways of communicating processes & other guidance over copy.


The focus is on StudioA guidance, which is Sharepoint, training materials, comms materials, onboarding materials, CRM (Brand Direction), etc. I’m on lead of the design of all the internal platforms which communicate to all the employees the new interests and guidance of Adidas.


UX/UI design for different clients - Visual and corporate design

DEC 2019 / JAN 2021

UI design for apps - Prototypes - Wireframes - HTML5 banners - Display ads - Design system - Presentations

Sketch - Illustrator - Photoshop - Videos in After Effects

My responsibilities are centered on design consultation for clients. A clear communication with developers make us design user friendly financial apps for our clients. I work in place and directly with clients such as Rabobank, NS, Cargill & Shv Energy.


During my stay in Rabobank, I design and prototype screens for Fund-r and On Track using Sketch. Together with the cross-functional teams - including UX designers and developers - we create a consistent and strong design system that we apply to the financial apps.


At Cargill and Shv Energy I am in charged of all social media posts and ads in HTML5. Every design is based on the brand concept.


Last but not least, Deloitte is pitching for NS and my input is a presentation that is made according the rules from the NS brand guide. The presentation includes 20 slides with different animations that I use to enhance and further explain my visual design work.  


UX/UI design - Visual design - Print design

JUN 2018 / JAN 2024 

UI design for apps - Prototypes - Wireframes - HTML5 banners - Display ads - Design system - Presentations - E-commerce - Keynote presentations - 

Sketch - Figma - Adobe package

I have the opportunity to do all the social media design, Ui design for the website, ecommerce campaigns and their brand identity.


My goal is to create a solid visual design that gives clarity and an easy interaction for the client and transform the creative concepts into functional designs and brand values into compelling visual styles.


Working with the developers, we create a user-centric digital website that offers you e-books and audiobooks by only following 3 steps.

Graphic design in internal branding projects. My task is for Unilever health department and I have to develop a logo and an iconography system. Working hand in hand with the agile team of Unilever and following the online style and brand guide, we deliver all in 1 week of work. 

I design for our clients as well as for internal projects. My role involves creative thinking on concepts and presenting different proposals depending on the need of each client. My creative mind goes from making brochures, posters and animations to packaging, ads, social media posts and more.

Client proposals and projects include: Mazda Europe, Emaar, Mazda USA, Moxy hotels, Hema, Rezidor hotels, Boom Chicago, Accor, ABN amro, Apollo, Dorint, Decathlon, PVH, (Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein), Foodmark (Dubai), Feenstra, Melia hotels, Bose, Le pain quotidien, Landal green parks, KPN, KLM, Huawei, Eden, Dubai airports, Bouwmaat, Deutsche hospitality, Dorint, Generator, NH hotels, Si suites, Park-inn, Catchphrase.


Visual design

DEC 2016 / FEB 2017

Corporate identity - Posters - Cards - Logos - Postcards - Infographics Videos - Presentations - Proposals - Web design - Banners 

This position was a short-term maternity coverage. My design focus was on the lookbook and to mainly follow the brand guide for a visual integration.

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