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In this case I had the opportunity to work for different projects within Deloitte. One of them is Rabobank in the project for Fundr. In this project I am in charge of redesigning Fundr and make some new screens for the app.

I work in a team of 3 persons and I put all the project together to see if the design was aligned, interactive and friendly user. Another project for Rabobank is Track, a financial app for all the users. This app is still in development process.


​Testing willingness to pay for new digital services is tough. To test it with prospects, we need to tell how and how much they’re going to pay and measure the response. Track is made for this.

Interaction to a subscription based offer gives indication if consumers are willing to pay. Note that this model is the fallback scenario for a commission model. Beyond this plan we could chat to current users and leads for extra input.

On track app
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